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Healthy Dairy-Free Protein Balls

dairy free gluten free high protein low amine low salicylate vegan

Healthy dairy-free protein balls

Learn how to make your own tasty, dairy-free protein balls that are great for your skin...

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Vegan Anzac Biscuits

dairy free low amine low salicylate vegan

Anzac cookies recipe

This recipe is a delicious dairy-free version of an Australian classic, from The Eczema Diet book.


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Banana Beet Smoothie Bowl for eczema

dairy free gluten free moderate salicylates

Banana Beet Smoothie Bowl recipe
This detox smoothie bowl recipe contains beetroot which is surprisingly yummy in smoothies ...

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Carob Mylkshake

caffeine free dairy free gluten free low amine low salicylate vegan

Carob Mylkshake

Here is a lovely Valentine's day breakfast for your loved one with eczema. Valentine's Day is around the corner. If you or your partner have eczema forget chocolates, strawberries and other traditional food related Valentine's Day gifts - they will only make the eczema itch like crazy. Instead, try this great eczema-friendly Carob milkshake with Syrup from Karen's new eczema cookbook and pair it with Potato and Leek Waffles. Both recipes use eczema-friendly ingredients mentioned in The Eczema Diet book.  This great waffle recipe was passed on to us by the wonderful Charlie Rioux and you can view it via her website Sweet Salty Spicy. Carob Milkshake...

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Caramelized Leek Sauce

dairy free gluten free low amine low salicylate vegan

Leek sauce for eczema

This recipe is a family favourite. The leftovers always go missing from the refrigerator the next day as my daughter eats it straight from the jar ...

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