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What is the difference between The Eczema Detox & The Eczema Diet?

What is the difference between The Eczema Detox & The Eczema Diet?

The Eczema Detox was recently released in 2018, and since then we have received dozens of emails asking what the main differences are between my two eczema books. Well, there's lots...  What's different about The Eczema Detox? Firstly, what's the same ... The Eczema Detox follows the same principles as the original eczema diet book, as both books discuss the critical roles that chemical intolerances and food intolerances play in the appearance of eczema. So both books may be used together.  However, the new detox book is different in many ways: 1. The Eczema Detox contains A LOT more recipes, with mouth-watering images...

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Acne Symptoms Causes + Treatments

acne dairy free healthy skin diet symptoms treatment

acne pimples spots and treatments

If you have acne, don't worry there is plenty you can do about it ...

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Eczema recovery 101: how to cheat during The Eczema Detox (or The Eczema Diet)

chemical sensitivity eczema supplements the eczema diet treatment

My eczema recovery was pretty impressive. It is the post and long term path to being eczema free where I've done the most learning and understood most about triggers and reactions. Here are my tips...

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Eczema Diet Christmas Menu

 Eczema Diet Christmas

Here is an eczema-friendly Christmas menu plus one of my favourite dessert recipes ...

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Why healthy foods can be unhealthy for eczema (Th2 explained)

caffeine eczema green tea TH1 TH2 turmeric

Is turmeric bad for eczema?

12 ingredients which can make you crazy itchy (Th2 explained) ...

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