Skin Friend by nutritionist Karen Fischer
Skin Friend by nutritionist Karen Fischer
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Shipping and payment FAQs  

FAQ: "Where do I find information about Australian and International shipping?"

A: For shipping information please click here.

FAQ: "Why does the purchase amount change during the purchase process?"

A: Our site is in Australian dollars. During the purchase process it can change to your local currency and may look like a different amount, but the site automatically processes the exchange rate. To double check your currency amount, use XE Currency converter as a guide.

Note your invoice/receipt will show Australian dollars but you will only be charged in your local currency. For example, if you live in the US, you will be charge the US amount, which will be less than the Aussie dollar, but the receipt will show the Australian dollar amount. 

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FAQ: "Do you offer a money back guarantee?"

A: No. We stand by the quality of our products and you can read the details on our Refunds and Returns Policy page here


Product and Supplement FAQs   

FAQ: "How do I find more information on testing my pH and the pH kit?"

A: Read our pH FAQ page.


FAQ: "Do you provide samples of the Skin Friend supplements?"

A: We do not have samples as taking a small sample of Skin Friend AM or Skin Friend PM is not enough to see the effects of the product. While some of our patients have experienced quick positive results, in many cases to truly change a long-standing skin problem it can take time and extra investigation work (allergy testing etc). Our suggested initial time frame to take the supplements is 3 months or more. Note these products offer nutritional support and we do not claim to cure any disorder or disease. 


Q: What creams/soap/shampoo do you recommend for my eczema?     

A:  As everyone is different, it's hard to recommend one product that can suit everyone. That is why we encourage you to do a patch test with anything that you test such as creams, ointments, soaps and shampoos.

Karen Fischer has developed a new skin cream, 24-Hour Rescue Balm, for flaking, dry, rough and scarred skin that is now available here. This product uses refined ingredients that are lower in salicylates than herbal based creams. 

More Supplement FAQs can be found here

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Medical FAQs

FAQ: "I have a medical condition. Can I take Skin Friend AM and PM?"

A: The ingredients in Skin Friend AM and PM are of the highest quality and the individual vitamin and mineral dosages are similar to Australian Government RDIs so they are safe to take in general. 

But if you have a serious medical condition you may not be able to take any type of supplements, including AM and PM. Please check the ingredients and dosages with your doctor if you have a medical condition, especially if you have kidney disease/failure, cancer or heart disease before taking any supplements. People who have cancer, kidney disease or heart disease should not take supplements. You can also check our contraindications pages for Skin Friend AM and Skin Friend PM

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Pregnancy and Breastfeeding 

FAQ: "I am pregnant/breastfeeding. How do I do the diet and can I take Skin Friend AM and PM?"

A: We have a blog post on this, please read “Can I take Skin Friend while I'm pregnant or breast feeding?” as well as FAQs on Babies, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding. If you are pregnant we recommend you take a specific pregnancy multi-vitamin and mineral (such as Elevit), as our products have not been tested on pregnant women. 

If you are pregnant, you can avoid 'the itchy dozen worst foods for eczema', rather than do the complete diet. Also speak with your doctor/nutritionist before taking foods out of your diet to ensure you are receiving all the nutrients you need (a pregnancy multi can help with this too). 


FAQ: "My child is 10 months old and has eczema. Is The Eczema Diet/Detox suitable for babies under 1 year, and can he have Skin Friend AM and PM yet?”

A: The Eczema Diet book and The Eczema Detox includes an “Infants with eczema” chapter which discusses the best ‘first foods’ (solids) for babies with eczema, and it details what foods to add to the diet each month until your child is 1 year old. It also has important information about the problems with teething gel, foods to avoid and how to make your own eczema-friendly teething rusks and more. 

Children over 12 months of age can take Skin Friend AM and PM (if they don't have a medical condition that prevents them from taking any supplements). The dose is 1 scoop each of AM and PM, taken with food. So please wait until your child is one before using the supplements. If you are breastfeeding check the blog post mentioned in the previous FAQ for advice. 

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General Support FAQs 

FAQ: "My eczema is so itchy. What cream do you recommend?"

A: We recommend 24-Hour Rescue Balm to combat very dry, flaking skin. This is not a cure for eczema, it is relief for very dry, itchy skin and you can order it here.


FAQ: "Is Karen really no longer seeing patients? I need help.”

A: Karen no longer sees patients as she has a desire to help as many people as possible through her latest books and other upcoming products.

You can chat with our team of nutritionists, including Karen, who can answer all of your questions relating to the Eczema Diet and your skin at the Eczema Diet Membership. This is where we have programs, resources, podcasts, recipes and more for people struggling with eczema.


FAQ: I have severe eczema that won't improve even though I have done food testing through a specialist. I have just ordered your products. Will they help with severe eczema and is there anything else you can recommend? 

A: Our products are designed to support skin health and we have received a lot of positive feedback from people with eczema. As everyone is different, it is something you do need to try for yourself and see. We cannot claim to cure skin diseases - this is against TGA regulations and it's not ethical to do so.

As far as recommending anything else, 1/2 teaspoon of quality flaxseed oil daily to supply omega-3 (see Supplement FAQs for brand recommendations), plus The Eczema Detox book for recipes and further testing instructions to help you identify food sensitivities. I use this book everyday as a cookbook for my family, even though we no longer have skin problems. The recipes are delicious!

Karen x

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