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Karen Fischer

Our founder, Karen Fischer, is a nutritionist and award-winning author whose personal journey with eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis are the reasons Skin Friend exists.

Karen's passion for helping people with skin disorders began when her baby developed severe eczema. By age two, her daughter's eczema had worsened. So with Karen's knowledge of nutritional biochemistry, she designed The Eczema Diet and a supplement routine that cleared up her daughter's eczema. 

For the past decade Karen has helped thousands of skin disorder patients, including those with red skin syndrome (TSW) and psoriasis, via her eczema clinic in Sydney. While she no longer sees patients, Karen spends her time formulating new products to help those in need. You can find her products here

FYI: Karen's latest book, The Eczema Detox, is the new version of The Eczema Diet and it contains everything you need to know about treating skin rashes from the inside out. 


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 Katie layland nutritionist


Katie Layland 

Katie is a registered nutritionist who sees patients at our clinic. Katie is also a wonderful cook and contributes to developing and preparing the delicious eczema-friendly recipes for our blog and Karen's latest book, The Eczema Detox. You can chat with Katie at our clinic on Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Or book an appointment with her at the Eczema Life Clinic here


Contact us

Please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always listening to feedback and we love working closely with the eczema and skin disorder community. We wish to help as many sufferers as we can and we are thankful for our loyal Skin Friend community – you inspire us to keep doing what we do.

Our office has just relocated to a picturesque spot on the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia). Our office hours are Monday to Thursday 9.30am to 3pm (EST), by appointment only. We are closed on Fridays. 

Office Phone: 0468 835 544 

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Skin Friend was formerly known as Joliee Skin, which was launched in 2015.