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Eczema Diet Christmas Menu

 Eczema Diet Christmas

Here is an eczema-friendly Christmas menu plus one of my favourite dessert recipes ...

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Why healthy foods can be unhealthy for eczema (Th2 explained)

caffeine eczema green tea TH1 TH2 turmeric

Is turmeric bad for eczema?

12 ingredients which can make you crazy itchy (Th2 explained) ...

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How I beat my eczema: Tips from an eczema sufferer

How I beat my eczema the eczema diet

How I beat eczema with diet

Tips from a former eczema sufferer on how to manage eczema using diet and supplements...

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List of food additives to avoid

food additives to avoid turmeric

If there is a food chemical that you want to check, do a search within this list to see if you can consume it safely ... 

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Is eczema an autoimmune disease?

allergies atopic dermatitis autoimmune eczema salicylate sensitivity

Eczema and autoimmune disease

Have researchers figured it out yet? ...

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