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How I beat my eczema: Tips from an eczema sufferer

How I beat my eczema the eczema diet

How I beat eczema with diet

Tips from a former eczema sufferer on how to manage eczema using diet and supplements...

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List of food additives to avoid

food additives to avoid turmeric

If there is a food chemical that you want to check, do a search within this list to see if you can consume it safely ... 

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Is eczema an autoimmune disease?

allergies atopic dermatitis autoimmune eczema salicylate sensitivity

Eczema and autoimmune disease

Have researchers figured it out yet? ...

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Nutritionist discovers eczema breakthrough

atopic dermatitis eczema The Eczema Diet treatment

Georgie making the Skin Friend smoothie on 7 News

Watch the news video "Nutritionist discovers eczema breakthrough"

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How does alkalising help eczema?

alkalizing chemical sensitivity Skin Friend PM

What you can do to monitor and prevent salicylate-sensitivity ...

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