Supplement FAQs

The following FAQs cover supplements including Skin Friend AM, Skin Friend PM, omega-3, iron and vitamin D:

Q: If I am taking the Skin Friend AM and PM supplements, do I need to take anything else?
 The Skin Friend supplements have been made using vitamins and minerals that can specifically support the body alongside The Eczema Diet or The Eczema Detox. So we recommend beginning with Skin Friend AM and PM while following our programs as many other supplements can contain hidden additives or salicylates which can create confusion when working out your skin triggers. With the following exceptions:       

Omega-3: We often recommend plain cold pressed flaxseed oil during The Eczema Detox (not FID) or The Eczema Diet to ensure you receive adequate omega-3. Organic is best (Melrose have a good one). Important: buy only a small jar and use it within 5 weeks so it stays fresh, and keep it refrigerated. Low dosages are usually well tolerated so begin with 1/2 teaspoon daily as this provides enough omega-3 to avoid deficiency (1/4 teaspoon for small children). Take it with food, and gradually increase the dosage to help combat dry skin if needed (the lowest dose also helps so you don't have to increase the dose). 

Vitamin D and Iron: If you have a diagnosed deficiency such as vitamin D or iron and have been advised by your doctor to supplement with either one then do so. Opt for supplements that contain no additives to limit the risk of adverse reactions. Note that vitamin D often contains soy or hidden maltodextrin and other additives, but Deva have a vegan, soy-free one. Solgar have a gentle iron supplement that may be suitable but please check the ingredients if you have allergies. 

If you need vitamin D or iron, I suggest calling the manufacturer before you buy the product and ask for the full list of excipients. 


Q: Why didn't you put Vitamin D in Skin Friend AM or PM?

A: Good question. We wanted to (at first) as it's a popular nutrient but I was unable to find a pure powdered source that did not contain soy or maltodextrin and other hidden additives. In Australia you don't have to declare additives or excipients, so we could have just hidden them, but they might have made our eczema patients itchier, so we made the decision to leave out vitamin D. 

Vitamin D can also cause wakefulness if taken in the afternoon or at night, so ensure you take it earlier in the day. Too much vitamin D, over long periods, can also cause magnesium deficiency (methyl B12 can also cause magnesium deficiency). If you need to take vitamin D due to a diagnosed deficiency, it can be taken with Skin Friend AM, but test vitamin D separately in case you have an adverse reaction to it. 

Ask your doctor for a vitamin D test if you are unsure if you need it. 


Q: Can I use Skin Friend AM or PM during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Skin Friend AM and PM have not been tested on pregnant women so we cannot recommended these supplements during pregnancy. If you are breastfeeding, check with your doctor before taking Skin Friend AM and PM, as this could be fine with your doctor’s approval.

If you are pregnant then a pregnancy multi-vitamin and mineral supplement is advised as per your doctor's instructions (such as Elevit). 


Q: Do you provide samples of the Skin Friend supplements?

A: We do not have samples as taking a small sample of Skin Friend AM or Skin Friend PM is not enough to see the effects of the product. While some of our patients have experienced quick positive results, in many cases to truely change a long-standing skin problem it can take time and extra investigation work (allergy testing etc). Our suggested initial time frame to take the supplements is 3 months or more. Note these products offer nutritional support and we do not claim to cure any disorder or disease. 


Q: I have a medical condition. Can I take Skin Friend AM and PM?

A: The ingredients in Skin Friend AM and PM are of the highest quality and the individual vitamin and mineral dosages are similar to Australian Government RDIs so they are safe to take in general. 

But if you have a medical condition you may not be able to take some supplements, including AM and PM. Please check the ingredients and dosages with your doctor if you have a medical condition of any kind. People who have cancer, kidney disease or heart disease should not take the supplements. You can check our contraindications pages here: Skin Friend AM and Skin Friend PM


Q: How how long will the Skin Friend AM and PM supplements last for?

A: The Skin Friend AM jars have a generous 5 month supply for a child (age 1-5), and a 75 day (2.5 month) supply for a child aged 4-12 (taking 2 flat scoops daily) or a 50 day supply if taking 3 flat scoops per day. Skin Friend PM will last the same, as long as you are using heaped scoops (not flat). 

To ensure you take the correct amount, use the small scoop provided. If you also bought the Skin Friend PM product, do not use the long scoop from the Calcium jar as this scoop is bigger (this is why the Skin Friend PM jar appears more full as 1 gram of calcium takes up more space).


Q: Can Skin Friend AM and PM be taken together?

The products are taken at separate times of the day to maximise absorption, because calcium competes for absorption with iron and zinc. As Skin Friend AM contains zinc, you should take Skin Friend PM at least 2 hours afterwards. 

Have the AM supplement with food, not on an empty stomach, as described on the packaging. This is not only important to help maximise absorption, Skin Friend AM contains zinc and vitamin C which need to be taken with food so they are gentle on your stomach. Always follow the directions on the packaging.


Q: Do I need to drink more water when taking the supplements?

Yes. Skin Friend AM contains nutrients that help the liver to detoxify chemicals so you will need to drink more water when taking them. If you are an adult or teen, 1-2 litres of filtered water daily is advised to help your journey to clear skin. Children should drink the right amount of water for their age (see this Australian Government link and this one). I recommend filtered water as chlorine may adversely affect people with eczema. You can use a filter such as Brita. 


Q: Do the supplements need to be kept refrigerated? 

If you live in a hot climate (over 25˚C or 77˚F), keep your Skin Friend AM supplement in the refrigerator after opening. I always refrigerate mine with the lid tightly closed and it stays perfectly fresh. If you have kept your product in hot weather it might discolour slightly. Don't worry, B vitamin discolouration over time (or from heat) is normal and the product will still work the same, up until the use by date (which is 2 years from the date of manufacture).

Skin Friend PM does not need refrigeration. 


Q: Why is the Skin Friend PM jar more full than the Skin Friend AM jar? Both say they are 90 grams... 

Yes, you are right, the Skin Friend PM jar looks more full and both jars contain 90 grams (90 scoops) of product. Sounds impossible but not when you know why... Skin Friend PM has a slightly larger scoop and you measure each dose in heaped scoops (such as 2 heaped scoops for adults). On the other hand, Skin Friend AM is taken as flat scoops as the ingredients are heavier. 

Some of our customers forget to take the PM in the afternoon so these customers find their PM lasts a bit longer. But we assure you, the jars both have 90 grams and we have checked this with random testing. 

Q: You mention MTHFR in your book, so my question is why do you use cyanocobalamin as your B12 source in your AM product? Why don’t you use methyl B12?

I love the idea of Methyl B12 so I initially tested it and it gave me breathing problems. I thought it might have been the dose so I had our manufacturer add 5 micrograms to the sample Skin Friend AM. However, when I tested it I had laboured breathing again. In my research, what I found is that methyl B12 can deplete magnesium and it lowers nitric oxide levels, which can lead to side effects in susceptible individuals. I have seen a number of people comment about this online. So in the interest of safety, as a lot of our customers are young children, I have chosen to use the cyanocobalamin B12 in the supplement. I really do love the idea of methylated supplements, methyl B6 and methyl Folate I found fantastic, but again they are not right for everyone. Skin Friend AM supplement is for our most sensitive patients, so I have had to be strict with this supplement. However, I will have more freedom with our future supplements so you may see some methyl B vitamins in the future... 

Q: The Skin Friend AM jar is not filled to the top. Why is the bottle not full?

We totally get it, customers like full bottles :) 

Some manufacturers add cheap bulking agents (fillers) or flavourings to make the container appear full. However we want our supplements to be pure nutrients, not nutrients mixed with unnecessary non-actives that might worsen someone's skin problem. Our customers often have food sensitivities and chemical intolerances so we specifically cater to these sensitive folks.

Skin Friend AM is one of the purest products on the market (so is Skin Friend PM) and our customers love our dedication to purity. You can find our long "free from" ingredients/additive list here

I thought I should also mention we chose this sized jar so it can be reused and recycled, not thrown away to become landfill. I personally use the empty jars every day in my son's lunchbox (and for snacks in my handbag). Just remove the stickers and take out the white seal in the lid and you have a gorgeous jar to house protein balls, fruit, nuts, crackers etc. It's also watertight - if the lid is not damaged - so you can store liquids in them too.

We hope you love this product as much as we do.

Karen x