What is the difference between The Eczema Detox & The Eczema Diet?

The eczema detox book

The Eczema Detox was recently released in 2018, and since then we have received dozens of emails asking what the main differences are between my two eczema books. Well, there's lots... 

What's different about The Eczema Detox?

Firstly, what's the same ... The Eczema Detox follows the same principles as the original eczema diet book, as both books discuss the critical roles that chemical intolerances and food intolerances play in the appearance of eczema. So both books may be used together. 

However, the new detox book is different in many ways:

1. The Eczema Detox contains A LOT more recipes, with mouth-watering images to inspire and make it easy and enjoyable to follow.

The eczema detox recipes

2. The Eczema Detox contains my new and updated 'Food Intolerance Diagnosis (FID) Program' to help you work out your specific triggers. This is important for anyone with skin inflammation as allergy tests are often inaccurate. The FID Program will give you a clear indication of what types of chemicals and foods you are intolerant or allergic to: knowing your triggers is the key to clearing up your skin!

3. The Eczema Detox also contains new treatments and tips which I have gathered from the past 5 years working with DIFFICULT cases of eczema, psoriasis and TSW/red skin syndrome.

4. It also has a separate (yummy) detox program ...

5. And I have left out most of the scientific info (nutritional biochemistry, which I love), so it's much easier to get straight into the program and clean up your skin.

The Eczema Diet

The eczema diet book

1. On the other hand, The Eczema Diet book contains more of the scientific information (how the diet works biochemically, with diagrams and hundreds of scientific references). So this book is ideal for people who want to know technically WHY it works and WHERE the research came from. 

2. The Eczema Diet book is great for NORMAL eczema, but for very difficult cases of eczema (i.e. if you have severe chemical intolerances or head-to-toe eczema or have multiple allergies), then The Eczema Detox is a better book for you.  

The feedback

I've been told The Eczema Detox (the new book) is much easier to follow – I think having the recipe photos, skin disorder tables and food lists really help people to enjoy and understand the new eczema detox program.

The Eczema Detox is also helpful for easy AND difficult cases of eczema and other types of skin inflammation – if you have tried everything and nothing has worked for you, The Eczema Detox is the book for you.

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At Eczema Life, we recommend nutritionist Karen Fischer's low food chemical program (The Eczema Detox) along with additive-free supplements for skin health and wellbeing. Click on the images to view more details:



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