How does alkalising help eczema?

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If you have ever read The Eczema Diet you'll know that Salicylate sensitivity is the most common chemical sensitivity that eczema sufferers have. It can cause a worsening of eczema in more than 52 percent of people with eczema, and 60% of people with hives, and the rates appear to be increasing.

Well, back in the 1950s alkalisation was used as an effective treatment for eliminating salicylates from the body and this research can help to reduce your eczema symptoms (along with Skin Friend).

According research in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, medical staff at hospitals used alkalisation to treat salicylate poisoning (from aspirin overdose - aspirin is made up of salicylates). Researchers found, when the urine pH exceeds an alkaline reading of 7.5, more salicylates are eliminated than reabsorbed, and three times the amount of salicylates are excreted via the urine. 

What does this mean for eczema sufferers (and people with salicylate sensitivity)?

If you suffer from eczema and/or salicylate-sensitivity, aim for a urine pH reading of 7.5, as this will temporarily increase your tolerance to salicylates so you are less likely to react to them.

Eczema is also an acid-forming condition (caused by excess inflammation) so consistently keeping your urine pH slightly alkaline or neutral, can help to reduce the itch. But you don't want to over-alkalise either as this is not good for you long-term as alkalosis can occur. So you can use a pH test kit to monitor your pH and ensure it's within the range for optimal health.

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About the author: For the past 19 years nutritionist and author Karen Fischer has specialised in eczema and skin health. For Karen's Eczema Diet and Eczema Detox programs and additive-free eczema supplements visit or click on the images, below. 

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