Skin Friend by nutritionist Karen Fischer
Skin Friend by nutritionist Karen Fischer
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Taurine is an incredible sulphur-containing amino acid which is required for liver detoxification of chemicals. Taurine is anti-inflammatory and helps to prevent tissue damage when inflammation occurs. Taurine also can also act as an antioxidant in the body and lowers oxidative stress. People suffering from topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) often have excessively elevated nitric oxide levels in the blood and this can make them feel hot and itchy. Taurine helps to lower excess nitric oxide in the body, so taking taurine during TSW recovery can be beneficial.

Taurine also assists with brain function. It is an important inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain and it exerts an anti-anxiety and anti-stress effect. Research shows that taurine levels can be significantly low in depressed patients.

Vegans and vegetarians may find that they are low in taurine. Taurine is important for platelet-stabilisation and has anti-hypertensive effects that could possibly help reduce coronary risks. This study explores the option of taurine supplements to promote cardiovascular health.

Taurine: dosages and food sources

Taurine (also known as)

Supplement dosages (milligrams per day)

Eczema-friendly food sources

Taurine (natural)

Infants (AI)

3–8 mg per 100 mls of breastmilk or hypoallergenic (dairy-free) infant formula

Children + teens

1–4 years: 50–100 mg 
5–12 years: 100–140 mg 
14–18 years: 140–500 mg (plus food sources)


200–500 mg per day 
Up to 2 g per day in divided doses

85 g (3 oz) cold-water fish: 120–400 mg 
85 g (3 oz) chicken: 185 mg 
85 g (3 oz) cooked red meat: 30mg

AI: Adequate Intake as per Australian Government guidelines. 
No set RDIs available but research data shows doses up to 3 g (for adults) is safe.


  • Taurine supplementation helps to prevent fatty liver disease, which occurs in one-third of people with eczema.
  • Taurine deficiency can be tested via a whole blood test (not blood plasma, urine or stool tests as they are not as accurate).


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