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24-Hour Rescue Balm (100mL/3.4oz)
24-Hour Rescue Balm (100mL/3.4oz)
24-Hour Rescue Balm (100mL/3.4oz)

24-Hour Rescue Balm (100mL/3.4oz)

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There’s a reason why I'm called 24-Hour Rescue: I'm a creamy, whipped balm for treating super dry, flaking, cracked and rough skin, and I work for at least 24-hours.*  

Not only that, I'm ideal for sensitive skin, scars, itchy skin and wrinkly bodies (chest wrinkles be gone!). Just rub me in and wait 10 minutes and your skin will feel soft, hydrated and smoother.  

With my high quality ingredients including Evening Primrose Oil, Refined Shea Butter, refined cold-pressed Castor Bean Oil {new ingredient}, Oat Oil (gluten-free, new ingredient), and dreamy Organic Camellia Seed Oil, I'll provide your skin with essential fatty acids to deeply hydrate, smooth and restore healthy looking skin. 

I'm not tested on animals, I'm tested on 80 year olds and babes with skin problems

For the past year I've been tested on 80-year-olds and babes with problem skin including eczema, flaking skin and scars. This is what I do:

  • I restore and moisturise very dry skin 
  • I hydrate and smooth cracked, flaking and rough skin
  • I'm an effective anti-ageing body balm (but you can use me on your face if it's crazy dry)
  • I'm an effective treatment for dry hands, knees and feet
  • I can hydrate and soften scars 
  • My best results are seen in 7 to 14 days, but for scars it can take longer.
An 81-year-old babe reported:
"I'm Benjamin Button, I'm ageing backwards!"
But she is my formulator's Auntie so don't take her word for it, try me and see for yourself.

My 'free from' list is long (because I don't contain crap)  

  • No animal products (I'm vegan)
  • No steroids 
  • No parabens, propylene glycol, PEGs, DEA or MEA
  • No dyes or mica
  • No fragrance (natural or artificial)
  • No petrochemicals including petroleum, mineral oil or paraffin (they can make your skin feel drier and weaker once they wear off, and they're sticky)
  • No lanolin (it can make your skin feel drier once it wears off)
  • No benzoates or benzyl alcohol
  • No soy or palm oils
  • No dimethicone (silica/silicon can be a skin irritant)
  • No essential oils (they can irritate sensitive skin)
  • No retinol (vitamin A dries out your skin and can trigger skin flaking)
  • No citrus/lemon (lemony essential oils can make your skin sunburn more easily)
  • No gluten
  • No crap that makes a skin cream appear 'beautiful'. I'm naturally luxurious and my ingredients are there to make YOU look beautiful (plus a couple of ingredients to make me a safe, quality product that complies with eczema-friendly product guidelines). 

Not suitable for

Let's be real, no skin cream is "suitable for all skin types" (that's a lie my industry uses to boost moisturiser sales), so don't buy me if you have oily or acne-prone skin, and don't put me on your oily T-zone. I'm for dry skin conditions. If you are flakey or dry, gently rub me in ... you'll see we were meant to be together (but like all new skin products, do a patch test first).  

More about me

I am designed and made in Australia by skin nutritionist Karen Fischer.

I come in a BPA-free reusable container with a metal lid and an inner seal so I don't spill. Just pull off the stickers, clean and reuse me to store stuff. Plus there is a handy mini-spatula supplied inside my lid so you can hygienically scoop me out. 

* If you have TSW or eczema, you might need to apply me more often at first. 
One last thing ... I'm 100mL ( 3.4 US fl oz). 

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